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Axwell Park, Broom Closes Waggonway

Axwell Park





Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Bennett, Clavering and Rounding (1990) suggest that there was a waggonway in Winlaton manor before 1633. The Brockwell seam was opened in the area of the White House (precurser to Axwell Hall), the home of the Selbys, and to the west in the Horsecrofts and in the eastern part of Brockwell. Selby increased the number of staiths at Derwenthaugh. He built a waggonway to link the coal workings with the staiths. The waggonway (as shown in 'A Fighting Trade' consisted of two short parallel tracks on the slope, one above the other, to the west of the drive into Axwell Park. The waggonway was unrelated to any other waggonway system. A plan of 1924, drawn prior to the development of the Axwell Park housing estate, shows that what is now Axwell Park Road already existed as an earth way. This must be the remains of Selby's waggonway. In the wood to the west, a shallow embankment can be seen proceeding in a north easterly direction before turning east by north-east to head for the tail of Axwell Park Road. After crossing Shibdon Road (B6317) the waggonway altered direction to reach the staiths at Derwenthaugh. This deviation was to accommodate the mill pond and to avoid the Bates House estate. In 1665 Sir James Clavering bought the White House estate and renamed it Axwell Park. The waggonway through the estate must have ceased use at that point. The way to Winlaton and Brockwell continued in use until around 1713 when new pits were sunk further from the river and the staiths were transferred to Stella.




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