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Benwell manor



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site




Documentary Evidence

Activity on site since 11th century. Timber hall built by William Bolbec c.1165, part of the barony of Bolbec. The barony and Benwell 'tower' passed to the Delava, Whitchester, Burchester and then to Robert de Rhodes. In 1472 Robert Rodes, the Newcastle merchant, gave his property in Benwell to Tynemouth Priory who retained it until the Dissolution in 1538. It was held by the crown, and leased out, until - in the first half of the C17 - it was split up and sold. The manor contained 1159 acres, and a plan of 1637 records its layout. A post-Dissolution rental of 1538 records: "23s 4d for the rent of the manor with the tower and other buildings and a garden and a close called South Close...and a close called North Close...". A survey of crown lands in 1608 notes that "Robert Shafto holds the Stone Tower, being the manor house and other edifices thereto belonging, with a garden and a garth and a close…".




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