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Bishopwearmouth, Vaux Brewery




Brewing and Malting Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

C. Vaux and Sons opened a brewery in Castle Street in 1875. By the 1890s the brewery expanded rapidly towards the river, eventually occupying a site over 2 acres in size. Between 1900 and the 1940s more buildings were acquired for brewery use. In 1939 Vaux Brewery occupied all the alnd between Gill Road, Cross Queen Street, Castle Street and the lower part of Gill Bridge Avenue. The Avenue Theatre, which had been built in 1882 was converted into a bottling plant. Between 1945 and 1965 the brewery acquired land between Castle Street and Dunning Street and east towards Queen Street. In the early 1970s a new bottling plant, keg plant and warehouses were built. In 1988 a new larger brehouse was installed in old brewery buildings. Vaux Brewery closed in 1999.




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