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Tyne and Wear HER(13807): Hendon, Quillota (Brahmin) - Details

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Hendon, Quillota (Brahmin)



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel

Full Rigged Ship

Early Modern



A full-rigged French sailing ship built as the Brahmin in 1876. The Quillota had been trading between South America and France. On 12 November 1901, she was in ballast on passage from Nantes to North Shields to pick up coal when she was grounded and was lost at Hendon during raging force ten winds from east-north-east. Marine archaeologists have researched the Great Storm of 1901, in which 40 ships were sunk between the Tweed and Tees. As part of the group's research, two large iron sailing ships that sank on November 13, 1901, the QUILLOTA and the INGA, were dived on for the first time. Finds from them are in the exhibition and the team plans to do full archaeological surveys of both vessels




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