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S Tyneside

South Shields, Greenwood

South Shields


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ron, 928-ton, British Steamship registered at Newcastle upon Tyne and owned at the time of loss by J.E. Tully of Newcastle. She was built in 1869 and had a single iron propeller that was powered by a three-cylinder, triple-expansion steam engine, employing one boiler. On 20 August 1900 the Greenwood was on a voyage from London to the Tyne in ballast, under the command of Captain J. Wilson, with a crew of fifteen and one passenger, when, just outside of the Tyne entrance, she was in a collision with the London-registered steamship Ulysses. Both vessels were seriously damaged, but the Greenwood was holed below the water-line and lost her power. The tide and light north-north-east wind blew her in against the South Pier wall, where she foundered and was lost before tugs could puller her clear. The remains of the Greenwood are only about 50m away from the wreck of the destroyer Witherington, but further out towards the pier end. She is now totally collapsed and well smashed up like that of the destroyer. Her boiler stands upright in the midst of broken iron ribs and frames protruding from the silty sand, along with lots of thin, brass tubes scattered around the seabed that have come from the brass condenser that burst open. Not far away from these is an old iron anchor and iron propeller. Like the destroyer, she has lots of fishing lines, complete with weights and hooks criss-crossing over the wreckage. Owner: J. E. Tully, Newcastle upon Tyne Built: 1869 Propulsion: Screw driven, 3 cylinder triple expansion Boilers: 1 Crew: 15 Passengers: 1 Master: J. Wilson




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