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Tyne and Wear HER(13844): St. Mary's Island, Daring - Details

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N Tyneside

St. Mary's Island, Daring

St. Mary's Island

Maritime Craft

Paddle Steamer

Early Modern



A 135T paddle steamer, measuring 32.53m x 5.81m x 3.04m, ran aground south of St. Mary’s Island 19th December 1916 she was en route from the River Tyne to Whitley Bay. NB: There is an identified site for a DARING [q.v.] which is dated 1921. This vessel not only shares the same name but also the same place of loss, but is also described as a pleasure craft, which is consistent with the 1916 DARING as a paddle steamer on a voyage from the River Tyne to Whitley Bay. This suggests either a measure of confusion between two vessels, or divergent accounts of the same vessel (NMR). Built: 1876 Builder: J Readhead & Co. Where Built: South Shields Propulsion: Paddle driven, 2 cylinder compound engine HP: 70 Boilers: 1 Master: C Robson Crew: 5 Owner: M H Redhead




Ian T. Spokes Wreck Database; National Monument Record (1371832); Richard and Bridget Larn 1997 Shipwreck index of the British Isles, volume 3. The east coast of England : Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, County Durham, Northumberland Section 7, Northumberland

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