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South Gosforth, Chapel of St. Nicholas

South Gosforth


Religious Ritual and Funerary

Place of Worship




Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to this chapel is a grant to Robert de Lisle, probably in the late 12th century. Though in the parish of St. Nicholas Newcastle, it was for a time "a free chapel, with its own rector, in the patronage of the de Lisles". In 1650 it was recommended that this chapel should be made the parish church of the district, but in 1663 it was said to have been destitute for 2 years and in ruins. It was described in 1715 as 11 x 8 yards, with a west tower 4 yards square, and to be built of stone and roofed with slate. In 1799 a new chapel was built here, though whether on or beside the site of the old one is not clear. Part of the 18th century building (a parish church) survives, with extensive later enlargements, in its own churchyard.




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