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Newcastle, Pandon village








Documentary Evidence

Early commentators (Bruce - Handbook of Newcastle; and Gray Chorographia, 1649) thought that the Royal estate capital "Ad Murum" ("by the wall"), mentioned by Bede, might be Pandon (see also Pandon Hall HER 6621). Pandon was one of the three parts into which Byker was divided, and lay east of Pandon Burn. It seems probable that the earliest part of the settlement was at Stockbridge, and that reclamation, followed by development, was south towards the Tyne and east, a C14 building having been found in Byker Chare. In the second half of the C13 a quay wall had been built and abandoned south of the street today called Pandon, and in 1296 there were as many as 20 taxpayers in Pandon. In 1299 Pandon was annexed by and subsumed into Newcastle, and lost its distinct identity. The Pandon Burn formed a small harbour at high-water, inundating ground as far north as the foot of Manor Chare. During the reighn of Edward III (1327-77) a flood destroyed 140 houses and killed over 120 people. The burn was culverted in C19. Modern scholars suggest that Walbottle is more likely to be the site of "Ad Murum" (see HER 7918).




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