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Tyne and Wear HER(13934): Tynemouth, Surreybrook - Details

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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Surreybrook



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel

Cargo Vessel




The British cargo steamer Surreybrook was wrecked after she ran aground 23rd September 1949, on the north side of Spanish Battery Point, having just started on her journey from the River Tyne to London with a cargo coal. She was then scrapped. The ship weighed 1543T and measured 60.42x9.32x3.7m. Built: 1925 Where built: Hoboken, Belgium Builder: Antwerp Engineering Company Limited Tonnage: 1456 Propulsion: 3-cylinder Triple expansion steam engine by North Eastern Marine Engineering Company Limited, Sunderland HP: 175 Speed: 9 knots Ownership details: 1925 - 26, Built as JORDAENS and owned by Comptair Charbonnier Maritime and Commercial SA, Antwerp. Managed by Schellen Shipping and Agency 1926 - 37, Sold to Thomas Graham Smith, Herbert; and (possibly) later to Laurence Hogg and Company Limited, West Hartlepool. 1937 - 41, Owned by Leith, Hull and Hamburg Steam Packet Company Limited (managed by J Currie and Company). Re-named LAKELAND. 1941 - 48, Owned by Currie Line Limited, Leith. 1948 - 49, Sold to Williamstown Shipping Company Limited, London, and managed by Comben, Longstaff and Company Limited.




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