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Tyne and Wear HER(14007): Tynemouth, Hopper No. 28 - Details

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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Hopper No. 28



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel

Hopper Barge

Early Modern



Vessel lost between the piers in wind conditions SSE force 6, whilst under tow for the spoil grounds. (1)(2) ...on 18th February when the Commissioners' HOPPER NO 28 drove ashore behind the north pier, owing to the breaking of the tug tow rope. The men of the Tynemouth Volunteer Brigade quickly rescued the two-man crew. (3) On Monday 18th February, 1884, the men of the Tynemouth Brigade were again called upon for their services. Here is an eyewitness account as published in the Shields Gazette for Tuesday, 19th February, 1884: "Yesterday morning, the wind was fresh from the eastward, with a strong sea upon the Bar. Two of the Commissioners' hoppers had been out to sea with ballast, and when upon the bar, one of them broke her towline and drifted behind the North Pier. As the craft came up among the great Sunken Rocks by the side of the pier, the large seas swept her decks, and great anxiety was felt for the two men on board, who were clinging to the steering gear. A steam tug made a gallant attempt to rescue the vessel, but the sea was too high...A rocket was fired across the vessel, and the two men were speedily rescued, which event was loudly cheered by the spectators. The hopper was number 28, and belonged to the Tyne Commissioners, and the names of the men rescued are John Parker and John Bruce...From the man on lookout at the Tynemouth Brigade House we learn that the steam tug NORTHERN LIGHT was returning from the ballast ground with two hoppers, and when about 200 yards off the end of the north pier, the towline snapped, owing to a severe jerk, and both hoppers immediately began to drift towards the rocks. The tug was quickly put about, and succeeded in picking up one of the hoppers, number 40, but the other had been carried too far shorewards, and she eventually grounded upon the Sunken Rocks within 20 yards of the bend of the pier." (4) Built: 1868 Master: J Druces or John Bruce Crew: 2 Owner: The Tyne Improvement Commissioners




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