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Heaton village





Shrunken Village



Documentary Evidence

Heaton is first referred to in 1157 as Hactona, a member of the Gaugy moiety of the barony of Ellingham; in 1279 as Hoton. This has been translated as haugh-ton, the village on the haugh of the Ouse Burn. There were 5 taxpayers in 1296, 8 in 1312. In 1421 the manor included a capital messuage, 6 existing and 2 waste husbandlands; in 1454 a capital messuage 7 husbandlands and 7 cottages. There had probably been a dispersion by the 18th century, by which time the c.8 farms were isolated or irregularly clustered. The area is now covered by urban sprawl and parkland.




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