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Tyne and Wear HER(14132): Tynemouth, Black Middens, Earl Percy - Details

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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Black Middens, Earl Percy





Early Modern



In February 1865, there was almost a repeat performance of the STANLEY disaster. On Friday 3rd February at about 10am, during a very severe gale, the steamer EARL PERCY of Newcastle, bound in from Rotterdam, when entering the harbour, was driven ashore on the Black Middens close to the remains of the wrecked STANLEY. This was a similar case on all points to the ill-fated STANLEY, but attended fortunately with no loss of life. The lifeboats TYNE, PROVIDENCE and NORTHUMBERLAND were manned and proceeded down. The PROVIDENCE being first alongside the wreck, rescued all on board, 18 in all, and brought them back to the coble landing. The EARL PERCY, like the STANLEY, broke in two, and but for the services of the lifeboats all would have perished. The rescued were: Benjamin Taylor, master; R N Walker, mate; John Clark, 2nd mate; John James, seaman; James Kendall, seaman; W Nandle, seaman; W Neller, seaman; John Dodds, seaman; W Moler, seaman; W Eastland, seaman; Robert Herron, engineer; W Robson, 2nd engineer; Thomas Gares, fireman; W Nelson, fireman; R Adams, fireman; A Scott, fireman; John Ramssay, pilot; and N Peterson, passenger. Master: Benjamin Taylor Crew: 16 Passengers: 1 + pilot




National Monuments Record (1364897), Boswell Whitaker 1979 Preservation of life from shipwreck, volume 1 : Skuetender lifeboat Page(s)105

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