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Tyne and Wear HER(14140): Tynemouth, Black Middens, Glatton (Glaton) - Details

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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Black Middens, Glatton (Glaton)



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel


Early Modern



1830 wreck of English sloop which stranded on the Black Middens on her arrival at Newcastle-upon-Tyne from London; a wooden sailing vessel. The ORIGINAL, the first true lifeboat in the world, was lost in rescuing the men from this wreck. The GLATTON sloop of and for Newcastle-upon-Tyne from London, was wrecked on the Black Middens on 21-JAN-1830. Six of her crew were rescued by the ORIGINAL lifeboat which was itself wrecked. `On Thurdsday night, 21st inst. the ship GLATON was driven upon the Black Middings, at the entrance to Shields harbour. The South Shields life-boat succeeded in reaching her, when as many as the boat could carry got on board; three men were left in the rigging of the vessel, for which the boat was to return, but she got only a short distance from the ship, when she struck upon a rock and instantly sunk. Nothing now remained but death or exertion, and though the sea was tremendously high and the men worn out with former fatigue, the whole saved themselves by swimming on shore. A poor boy on the point of sinking was observed by a generous tar, who swam to his assistance and succeeded in preserving the little fellow, not 12 years of age, from a watery grave. As the vessel was pitching dreadfully amongst the rocks, it was feared she would go to pieces, when Captain Manby's apparatus was had recourse to, and the three men left in the rigging were by that means got on shore...The GLATON is expected to become a total wreck.' (2) `North Shields, 23rd Jan. The GLATTON, of South Shields, was driven on the rocks near the Spanish Battery, on Thursday night, during a heavy gale from SE...Crew and materials saved. The life boat belonging to South Shields, in endeavouring to save the GLATTON's crew, was wrecked upon the rocks, and the crew with difficulty saved.' (3) Crew: 6 (1) + 3 (2) = 9




Newcastle Chronicle 30-JAN-1830 [via Ian T Spokes]; Durham County Advertiser 30-JAN-1830, No.804 Page(s)3; Lloyd's 1969 Lloyd's list 26-JAN-1830, No.6502 (4) National Monuments Record 1410603

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