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Tyne and Wear HER(14148): Tynemouth, Black Middens, Hope - Details

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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Black Middens, Hope



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel


Early Modern



1804 wreck of English brig which stranded on the Black Middens during a gale, while on her passage from Newhaven to Sunderland in ballast; a wooden sailing vessel. `The MARGARET...the HOPE, Todd, from Newhaven to Sunderland...the RACHAEL...and the ACTIVE...are lost near Shields.' (1) `Newcastle, January 14...On Monday last, in a most tremendous gale from the south by east, about high water...Same afternoon, the brig HOPE, of Sunderland, Capt. Wm. Dodd, from Newhaven to Sunderland, in ballast, was driven upon the rocks at the entrance of this harbour, and wrecked; crew saved.' (3) `On Monday morning...the wind blew so strong from the south...the snow BOUNTIFUL was driven upon the rocks near the Spanish Battery...The brig HOPE, Captain William Todd, of Sunderland, from London, in ballast, was also driven on shore, and fortunately she ran close alongside of the BOUNTIFUL; the crew of the HOPE (the vessel being old) fearful of her going to pieces, took the opportunity of removing on board the new ship. Great praise is due to the Commander of the Royal Artillery at Tynemouth, for his spirited exertions to assist the seamen, who were all landed in safety on the ebbing of the tide. The above vessel has since gone to pieces.' (5) [NB: The BOUNTIFUL (q.v.) came to rest on the Black Middens.] `SHIP HOPE. All persons to whom the owners of the late ship HOPE, of Sunderland, William Todd, master, stand indebted in respect of that ship, are hereby required to deliver in a particular of their demands forthwith, at the office of Mr George Parker, in Sunderland aforesaid, in order that the same may be liquidated. Sunderland, 16th Feb., 1804.' (4) NB: Source (2) expresses the date of loss as a reporting date of 17-JAN-1804, based on the issue date of source (1). Master: Todd (1)(2); William Dodd (3); William Todd (4)(5)




1) Lloyd's 1969 Lloyd's list 17-JAN-1804, No.4419 (2) Richard and Bridget Larn 1997 Shipwreck index of the British Isles, volume 3. The east coast of England : Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, County Durham, Northumberland Section 6, County Durham (CF) (3) Newcastle Courant 14-JAN-1804, No.6640 Page(s)4 (4) Newcastle Courant 18-FEB-1804, No.6645 Page(s)1 (5) Tyne Mercury 17-JAN-1804, No.86 Page(s)3 (6) National Monuments Record 971496

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