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Hedley village





Deserted Settlement



Documentary Evidence

The earliest known reference to Hedley is late 13th century when it seems that at least part of the vill was in the Ravensworth estate, in the ownership of the Liddells. The remainder was held by the Merleys of Gibside, becoming the property of the Bowes family in the 18th century. After an exchange of property in 1818, the Earl of Strathmore held the whole of Hedley. The village appears as a 2-row plan, lying on both sides of Hedley Lane. It seems to have shrunk to two households by 1795-1812; and to a single farm (on the north side) by about 1860. The date of its final desertion is not yet known. Today there are no traces of settlement. Field observations of ploughed fields on the south side and excavations in May 1992 ahead of opencasting on the north side produced no evidence.




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