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Tyne and Wear HER(14210): Sunderland, Harriot - Details

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Sunderland, Harriot



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel


Early Modern



Wrecked in the Great Storm of 12th November 1901 5 mile south of South Pier. A schooner. En route from Yarmouth to Sunderland. Registered in Bridgport. 2 of the 4 crew were struck by a violent squall while trying to get into the River Wear and were swept overboard and drowned. The lifebrigade tried in vain to fire rocket lines on board. Two onlookers jumped into the sea and the Shields Gazette reported that 'Joseph Wardropper plunged in from the sea wall with a lifebelt and managed to get it over one sailor's shoulders. The two men were hauled towards safety by some of the crowd'. But the sailor slipped from Mr Wardropper's grasp and fell back into the sea. Mr Wardropper was rescued only with great difficulty. John Hutchinson, another onlooker nearly drowned attempting a rescue, but the sailor was swept onto the shore and revived by the onlookers. Built 1840. Master: F J Bayley Crew: 4 Crew Lost: 2 Owner: I Jackson, Goole




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