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Ryhope, Enterprize



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel


Early Modern



On 11th May 1822 the collier ENTERPRIZE from North Shields was driven ashore at Ryhope in a ESE to ENE gale. Her master, Captain Edward Hadaway, and 4 crewmen were drowned. Four other crewmen and a passenger, Mr Dalton, were saved. The ship was smashed to pieces. Mr Dalton gave an eyewitness account to the Newcastle Courant. The ship had been laden with coal and was bound for London. She reached Whitby but drifted back to Sunderland and was driven on shore between two ridges of rocks on Ryhope Sand. One crew member was lost by 1pm when the remaining men on board took to the rigging. Aound 6.30pm the decks broke up and the mainmast went overboard, the captain and three others still clinging to it. Then the foremast was swept away along with the cook. Around 7pm local residents appeared on the beach. They rescused the 5 remaining men who were clinging to the bowsprit and forecastle using ropes. The survivors were taken to the Salutation Inn for dry clothes and refreshments.




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