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Newcastle, Friars of the Sack



Religious Ritual and Funerary


Friary of Friars of the Sack



Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to the Friars of the Sack is 1266 when Henry III granted them the Cunstable-galgarthe for the enlargement of their close. In 1300 there were only 3 friars left, and in 1307 just one. The Carmelite friars were therefore allowed in that year to transfer to this site from the first house on Wall Knoll. Because of this transfer it is known that the Friars of the Sack had settled in the south-west corner of the town. Their house lay between the later Clavering Place and Orchard Street, and extended from somewhere south of the Postern to the top of the river bank. Excavation in 1965/67 produced only one building likely to be theirs, the church, which lay under and south of the modern Forth Street.




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