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Newcastle, Carmelite Friary 2 (Clavering Place)



Religious Ritual and Funerary


Carmelite Friary



Documentary Evidence

In 1307 the Carmelite friars left their first house on Wall Knoll for the house of the Friars of the Sack in the south-west corner of the town. Although they received 2 additional grants of land in 14th century they lost a strip 297 feet x 99 feet for the town wall and ditch. Their precint seems to have been bounded by Clavering Place, Hanover Street, Orchard Street, and somewhere beneath the railway. The house was suppressed in 1539. Excavation and observation has provided evidence for a church under and south of Forth Street, a south cloister (73 feet square with lean-to walks) under the Royal Mail car park, an east range (with chapter house) under existing buildings, and a south range also under the car park. More archaeological evidence may yet survive below ground.




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