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Tyne and Wear HER(14311): Sunderland, Elizabeth (Ellis) and Mary - Details

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Sunderland, Elizabeth (Ellis) and Mary



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel

Post Medieval



1784 wreck of English craft which stranded near Sunderland; a wooden sailing vessel. `Newcastle, Dec. 11, 1784...Sunday night about 9 o'clock a strong wind sprung up from the east, and about midnight the hurricane was most violent, attended with a very heavy fall of hail and show, which continued with unremitting fury till Tuesday noon, when it began to abate; but that night it blew again very hard, till Wednesday at noon, when the wind became moderate; but the snow continued at intervals till Thursday, when it fell very severe during the whole day, and continues yet at intervals… `At sea it has been dreadful beyond description, all along the coast being strewed with wrecks, and vessels on ground, so that from every part we hear of nothing but distress; nor may we ever perhaps be able to get a perfect account of the loss of ships. The following is the best, which can be procured at present. `The under has been sent from intelligencies which may be depended upon...ELIZABETH AND MARY, Armstrong...near Sunderland...' {Newcastle Courant 11-DEC-1784, No.5644 Page 4}. Master: Greenwell. The NMR has another entry for this Elizabeth (NZ 45 NW 425).




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