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Tyne and Wear HER(1432): Newcastle, St. Bartholomew's Nunnery cemetery - Details

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Newcastle, St. Bartholomew's Nunnery cemetery



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Mixed Cemetery



Documentary Evidence

In 1834-5 Grainger cleared and developed the site of the nunnery, "the Nuns' field". In the course of this work there were discovered coffins of stone, lead and wood, 3-4 feet deep, embedded in clay, a lot of bones including "several entire skulls", and "a fragment of a blue marble tombstone", with a Lombardic inscription round its margin and a cross shaft incised in the centre. It was also reported that human remains had been found under the pavement in Grainger Street. It was suggested, quite reasonably, that these were from the nuns' cemetery but, without a precise findspot or clear association with the nunnery church, it is impossible to be wholly certain.




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