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Tyne and Wear HER(14334): Tynemouth, Black Middens, Resolution - Details

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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Black Middens, Resolution



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel

Cargo Vessel

Early Modern



1801 wreck of English cargo vessel which stranded near the Black Middens on arriving at Newcastle-upon-Tyne from London; a wooden sailing vessel. The NMR has another entry for a wherry named Resuloution (Pastscape 908733). No date is given but the ship appears to have sunk in the same area. Built: 1801 Where Built: Peterhead Master: McKenzie or Mackenzie Owner: W Frazer




National Monuments Record (971480 and 908733); Lloyd's 1969 Lloyd's list 15-DEC-1801, No.4212; Richard and Bridget Larn 1997 Shipwreck index of the British Isles, volume 3. The east coast of England : Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, County Durham Northumberland Section 6, County Durham (CF); Newcastle Advertiser 12-DEC-1801, No.684 Page(s)4; Hydrographic Office wreck index 09-MAR-1993 Page(s)N/a

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