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S Tyneside

South Shields, Laygate, Trinity Walk, Alazhar Mosque

South Shields


Religious Ritual and Funerary

Place of Worship




Extant Building

The Al Azhar Mosque was built in 1971 to satisfy the religious needs of South Shields' established Yemeni community. Although some may consider the architecture somewhat 'underwhelming' compared to others in the Islamic world, this little mosque was put firmly on the map in 1977 when boxing legend Mohammad Ali visited Al Azhar to worship and to have his marriage blessed by the local Imam. It has become a cherished landmark of South Shields. The Yemeni Arab community in South Shields dates back to at least 1890. It is one of the oldest existing integrated Muslim communities in Britain. LOCAL LIST




SOUTH TYNESIDE LOCAL LIST REVIEW 2011: REFERENCE NUMBER: LSHA/61/SS;; Yemeni community in South Shields, wikipedia; photo of Muhammad Ali 20 July 1977 by Mudditt F of Fietscher Fotos; 'The Greatest' in South Shields, BBC Inside Out North East and Cumbria, Monday February 2, 2004

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