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Roman Coffin, Newcastle Upon Tyne



Newcastle, Clavering Place, Roman coffins



Religious Ritual and Funerary





In 1903, while a site was being excavated for Robinsons' new warehouse on the east side of Clavering Place, two stone coffins were uncovered, both about 4 feet long. The first contained a Roman castor-ware beaker, and some human bones. The latter had been disturbed after discovery. Rich wrote, "Strewn on the bottom of the coffin were some bones of a skull, and what appeared to be ribs, but none of the bones of the legs, arms, or vertebrae. Some small remnants of charcoal were found at the foot of the coffin". Because the coffin measured c.3.5 x 1.5 feet internally he concluded it was the burial of a young person. The beaker, decorated with "slip ornament in relief", measured 4.24 inches high, and had the diameters of 1.5 inches+ at the rim, 3.5 inches at the centre, and 1inch+ at the base.




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