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Benwell, Adelaide Terrace, the Iron Chapel



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Methodist Chapel

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Early Modern


Demolished Building

With the growth of Methodism in Benwell, the Mission from Adelaide Terrace (HER 14529) transferred to a corrugated iron chapel which stood on the site of the later Bond Memorial Church. The New Benwell Mission Committee bought the site for £510.17 from a Mr Neville in 1879 using money donated by Miss Charlotte Bond (sister-in-law of Sir William H. Stephenson). The opening service for the iron chapel was on Sunday 20th November 1881. Sermons were preached by Rev. Robert Cooke, Rev. H.S. Eckerley and Rev. John Holmes (Superintendent of the Elswick Road Wesleyan Circuit). There was a public meeting on Monday 21st November 1881.




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