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Tyne and Wear HER(14529): Benwell, Adelaide Terrace, Wesleyan Mission - Details

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Benwell, Adelaide Terrace, Wesleyan Mission



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Methodist Chapel

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Elswick Road Wesleyan Circuit was formed in 1877 as an offshoot from Blenheim Street Circuit. A dwelling house on Adelaide Terrace, between Cochrane Street and Oak Street was rented for £20 per year to use as a Mission for New Benwell. A prayer meeting was held on 23rd November 1877 and the Mission for Divine Worship was opened on Sunday 25th November. The committee comprised Messrs. Stephenson, Ritson, Thompson, Chambers, Lawson, Walton and Rowland. The rented house soon proved to be too small and a site was soon found on which to build a chapel (HER 14528).




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