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Jesmond, St. Mary's Well



Water Supply and Drainage

Water Storage Site


Post Medieval



The first reference to the well is 18th century and it seems likelly that it originated in the post-medieval period rather than as a medieval holy well, as has also been suggested. It was acquired by the City Corporation in 1932 and partially excavated; in 1982 it was fully excavated, as far as was physically possible, prior to a comprehensive restoration. The excavation established that the well was originally built with a millstone at the bottom and stone flagging in front. Later it was converted to a bathing pool and by the late 19th century it had assumed its present appearance, with retaining walls on either side of a flight of steps down to a covered well with front access. It is situated in a small fenced enclosure on the north side of the Grove. The stonehead had an inscription saying "Ave Maria Gratia Plena" (Hail Mary full of grace) but only the "Gratia" remains. It used to be a warm spring, with a cloud of vapour issuing from it in cold weather. Its reputation for miraculous cures still remains. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 2




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