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Tyne and Wear HER(14634): South Shields, Friendship - Details

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N Tyneside

South Shields, Friendship

South Shields


Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel


Post Medieval



Shields harbour after arriving during a gale. Later sold for breaking up in the Wet Dock at North Shields, she was a wooden sailing vessel. Another vessel called Friendship is also listed as being lost in 1784 at Priors Haven (HER 14476).Master: George Carr A further vessel named Friendship is listed as having sunk in December 1784 (NMR NZ 36 NE 256 MONUMENT 973097). In the entry it states: 'NB: A vessel named FRIENDSHIP, master Appleby, does not appear in the lists of wrecked vessels in the Newcastle Courant account above (11-DEC-1784, No.5644 ), or in subsequent issues, although the list is not stated to be comprehensive. However, there is some confusion in the account in Lloyd's List, [demonstrated by other vessels], and this vessel may have been confused with the two of the same name known to have been wrecked in the vicinity, masters Carr and Dean. Another vessel was wrecked further north, whose master or owner was Carling. Additionally, the master of another vessel, the SPRING, was also named as Appleby.




National Monuments Record (1388649); Newcastle Courant 11-DEC-1784, No.5644 Page(s)4; Newcastle Chronicle 11-DEC-1784, No.1067 Page(s)2; Newcastle Courant 15-JAN-1785, No.5649 Page(s)1

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