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Tyne and Wear HER(1464): Newcastle, River Tyne, Roman dedication slab - Details

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Newcastle, River Tyne, Roman dedication slab




Commemorative Stone

Dedication Stone




A dedication-slab, 26 x 19 inches, found in 1903 in dredging the north channel of the Swing Bridge, Newcastle, along with HER ref. 1462 & 1463. Inscribed: Imp(eratori) Antoni/no Aug(usto) Pio p(atri) / Pat(riae) uexil(l)atio / leg(ioni) II Aug(ustae) et leg(ioni) / VI Vic(trici) et leg(ioni) / XX V(aleriae) V(ictrici) con(t)r(i)buti ex Ger(maniis) du/obus sub Iulio Ve/ ro leg(ato) Aug(usti) pr(o) p(raetore) - For the Emperor Antoninus Augustus Pius, father of his country, the detachment (of men) contributed from the two Germanies for the Second Legion Augusta and the Sixth Legion Victrix and the Twentieth Legion Valeria Victrix, under Julius Verus, emperor's pro-praetorian legate, (set this up). Julius Verus was governor of Britain c.155-159 A.D.




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