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Tyne and Wear HER(14767): South Shields, Herd Sand, Favorite (Favourite) - Details

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S Tyneside

South Shields, Herd Sand, Favorite (Favourite)

South Shields


Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel

Cargo Vessel

Early Modern



1823 wreck of English cargo vessel which stranded on the Herd Sand during a gale. Bound for London with coal, she was attempting to return to her departure point of Shields; a wooden sailing vessel. Master: Ridley. There is another Favourite listed as wrecked on the bar in 1827 (HER 14469).




National Monuments Record (971621); Lloyd's 1969 Lloyd's list 21-JAN-1823, No.5770; Lloyd's 1969 Lloyd's list 31-JAN-1823, No.5773; Boswell Whitaker 1979 Preservation of life from shipwreck, volume 1 : Skuetender lifeboat Page(s)49-50; Newcastle Courant 25-JAN-1823, No.7633 Page(s)4; Durham County Advertiser 25-JAN-1823, No.438 Page(s)3; Durham County Advertiser 01-FEB-1823, No.439 Page(s)3

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