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Jesmond, Jesmond Towers, garden stores



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces

Garden Building

Early Modern


Extant Building

The only surviving element of the garden buildings which surrounded the kitchen garden (which is shown on Thomas Oliver's plan of 1844). The building is shown on the Ordnance Survey second edition of 1898. It has been much altered and includes a lot of 20th century machine made bricks. Felt roof. One pair of side hung doors. The garden buildings were built by Dr Charles Mitchell who acquired Jesmond Towers in 1869. At the east end is a square room with a fireplace in the gable wall and a door and window on the north side. Rows of coat hooks are the only other features. Recorded 2013 by Archaeological Services Durham University.




Cyril Winskell and AJT Environmental Consultants, 2010, Conservation Plan for Jesmond Towers Estate, p 78 and 95; Archaeological Services Durham University, 2014, La Sagesse, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, Buildings Recording

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