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Jesmond, Jesmond Towers, kitchen garden



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Kitchen Garden

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Shown on the Ordnance Survey first edition of 1858 and Thomas Oliver's plan of 1844 as a large sub square garden just east of North Jesmond House, divided into a geometric pattern and enclosed by a wall. Dr Charles Mitchell, who acquired Jesmond Towers in 1869, built stables (HER 14793), garden buildings and glasshouses around the edge and within the kitchen garden, thus reducing it in size. The 1910 Anderson & Garland sales catalogue lists warm and cold orchid houses, a melon house, a peach house, two vineries etc. All that now survives is one garden building (HER 14794), much altered and the high wall along what was Friday Fields Lane. The garden was levelled and grassed over in the 1980s.Recorded 2013 by Archaeological Services Durham University.




Cyril Winskell and AJT Environmental Consultants, 2010, Conservation Plan for Jesmond Towers Estate, p 78 and 95; Archaeological Services Durham University, 2014, La Sagesse, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, Buildings Recording

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