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S Tyneside

South Shields, Herd Sand, Resolution

South Shields


Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel


Early Modern



`From the Shields Gazette 27th October 1892: "About 2.30 this morning during the prevalence of a south-east gale, and a heavy sea, a schooner, which proved to be the RESOLUTION of Fowey, Cornwall, was driven ashore, about 300 yards to the south of the south pier, at the mouth of the Tyne. The coastguard on duty immediately fired the alarm signals...Assisted by a number of foyboatmen, the rocket cart was got out, and run down to the beach, and communication was established with the stranded vessel, the first rocket going clean over her. The schooner lay with her head to the shore, and the crew made the line fast to the foremast...The seas were breaking over the vessel with great force, and the gale was increasing, but shortly after 3 o'clock, the first of the crew, a youth named Henry Shea, was landed by the breeches buoy. He was at once taken to the Brigade House...[The] other three of the crew, William Whitford, Edward Parry, and the mate, Thomas Collings, were landed in quick succession in a more or less exhausted condition. Whitford especially was suffering from exposure, and the journey through the heavy surf...The Captain, Joseph Rosevear, for some reason refused to come ashore and he remained on board until the tide receded. It was high water at 6.38, and as a consequence the water was well up the bulwarks before daybreak, but as the vessel remained on an even keel, no danger to the Captain was anticipated." Master: Joseph Rosevear Crew: 5




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