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Benwell, Romano-British stone head



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A worked stone of the Roman period, dating from the 2nd-3rd centuries. Found circa 2005. The stone depicts a probably female head in the Romano-British style, with a head on a neck in relief on a rectangular base. There is no background panel behind the head, with the upper figural portion being sub-triangular in shape with a flat(ish) front face and a gently sloping reverse. The face is relatively flat with eyes and nose in low relief on a U-shaped head in very stark relief. Damage below the nose has removed the mouth to the jaw. The stone has weathered, but there is some evidence for defined ears that have not survived. Hair separated into locks or strands by incised/pecked lines runs from the top of the head and down the reverse of the stone for about 100mm. The hair runs longer down the left face of the stone. The base bears two horizontal inscribed lines on the left upper quarter of the panel. These may indicate an arm or wrist, with traces for the hand lost to weathering. Linear tooling on the underside or bottom face indicates that the stone remains fully intact. The overall surface of the stone has suffered from weathering, probably mostly from ancient times before deposition, and to a lesser extent following its recovery. The stone is sandstone. This is a find of note and has been designated: Potential for inclusion in Britannia. Height: 412 mm Width: 340 mm Thickness: 200 mm




The Portable Antiquities Scheme Unique ID: NCL-9714A3 Recorded by: Dr Robert Collins

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