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Tyne and Wear HER(15019): North Walbottle, Northumberland Gardens, Fircroft - Details

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North Walbottle, Northumberland Gardens, Fircroft

North Walbottle




Semi Detached House



Extant Building

Shares a central gable with Northumberland House. Representative of the dominant design within this planned estate (10 houses). Could loosely be termed as Arts and Crafts style in character. Similar to the paired semis 14-16 and 22-24. Has an asymmetrical front elevation and offset, and angular projecting bay windows at ground floor level. It is unique in its use of brick soldier courses above the upper floor and one ground floor window. Unlike other houses in Northumberland Gardens both front doors are linked with their bay windows by a projecting canopy roof. The original multi-pane windows survive. The only apparent loss is the original front doors. Plans for the original houses were submitted in 1910 by F. Temporley, Clerk of Works to the Duke of Northumberland. The garden has high hedges and mature trees (ash, beech, lime and sycamore).




Newcastle City Council, 2001, Northumberland Gardens Conservation Area Character Statement Supplementary Planning Guidance

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