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N Tyneside

Whitley Bay, aerodrome

Whitley Bay



Military Airfield Site

Military Airfield



Documentary Evidence

The Royal Naval Air Service used this site as a coastal landing ground. The main role of the RNAS was fleet reconnaissance, patrolling the coast for enemy ships and submarines, attacking enemy coastal territory and defending Britain from enemy air raids. RNAS Whitley Bay was operational from late 1914. It had four Bristol TB.8s, later BE.2cs, a Bristol Scout C, two Cauldron G.111s and 3 Avro 504Cs. There were two wooden aeroplane sheds. The RNAS station ceased operating by July 1916. There were frequent reports of damage during forced landings, take-offs, crash landings and planes ditched in the sea. The station's only fatality was on 19th September 1915 when a BE.2c was lost in the North Sea and FSL DS Hay was killed. During WW2 aircraft obstructions (HER 12554) were dug on the site to prevent enemy aircraft from landing here.




North East Aircraft Museum, 2010,

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