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Newcastle town wall




Town Defences

Town Wall



Ruined Building

Newcastle was enclosed by defences in piecemeal fashion between perhaps 1265 and the early 15th century (evidence from excavations). At their greatest extent the defences occupied a strip of ground c. 100 feet wide, and consisted of an intra-mural road, a wall (2-3+ metres thick), a ditch (11 metres wide x 5 metres deep) and some open ground. The wall was defended by 6 large gates and one small one, 17 towers and some turrets, and was pierced by several posterns and watergates. Demolition began in c. 1762, and continued into the 20th century. Remains include the curtain wall (with some gaps) between the Close and Forth Street; the curtain with towers (3 gaps) between Westgate Road and Newgate Street; Plummer Tower; Corner Tower & curtain wall to the east; Walknoll Tower. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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