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Fenham, Fenham Hall Drive, Children's Clinic



Health and Welfare




Extant Building

During the 1960s Ryder and Yates produced a series of buildings for healthcare and welfare. Their first welfare commission came from the Newcastle Area Health Authority, with two baby clinics in Newcastle in 1960. The Fenham clinic was located within a large housing estate. The building had medical facilities at ground level and two flats for midwives or policemen above. There was a large central waiting area with consulting rooms, examination and therapy areas and toilets positioned around it. There were minimum circulation areas and corridors. The building was flat roofed, built of brick, with a glazed faƧade and a band of glazing separating the two floors. Circular white columns carried the first floor. At the rear of the ground floor there was decked private balcony. The main entrance was marked by a parabolic (curved) concrete barrel-vaulted canopy. The clinic has been remodelled with the addition of a pitched roof and new windows.




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