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Tyne and Wear HER(1514): Newcastle town wall, curtain north of White Friar Tower - Details

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Newcastle town wall, curtain north of White Friar Tower




Town Defences

Town Wall



Ruined Building

Although the northern 51 metres of this stretch of curtain was demolished 1845-49 for the new railway, the rest - with one break - survives "for 131 metres, and stands in places 9.20 metres high with its wall walk and part of the parapet". Holmes declared there were once 2 turrets on this stretch, but these are not shown on Beckman's plan of 1683. Recent examination has detected 33 constructional phases. Of these 1-8 form the earliest masonry, possibly a low wall with parapet. Builds 9-12 raised the wall by c. 2 metres, though whether after a temporary pause or as an afterthought is not clear; nos. 13-14 & 16 completed the medieval work. Nos. 17-19 represent two major mid-17th century repairs of breaches made by a mine and artillery during the Civil War. Holes by the Federation Brewery, later made good, and restoration in 1952 and the late 1980s account for the other phases. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 1




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