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Tyne and Wear HER(15165): Sunderland, George and Ann - Details

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Sunderland, George and Ann



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel

Post Medieval



1762 wreck of a British craft left stranded on the north bank of the River Wear, and possibly removed to be sold nearby; a wooden sailing vessel. Master: George Moor. `Sunderland, March 13, 1762. The owners of the hull or wreck of an old ship or vessel, called the GEORGE AND ANN, heretofore navigated by George Moor, now sunk in the River Wear, on the North side thereof, near to the Pan ferry-boat landing, and obstructing the passage of ships and other vessels in the said river, are hereby desired to remove the said hull or wreck, within one month from the date of this advertisement, otherwise the Commissioners of the River Wear and the Port and Haven of Sunderland, will cause the same to be removed, and afterwards to be sold for reimbursing the expences attending the removal thereof, if payment of the said expences be not made within five days of such removal. By order of the said Commissioners.' (Courant 13th March 1762)




National Monuments Record (1385716); Newcastle Courant 13-MAR-1762, No.4460 Page(s)3; Newcastle Courant 20-MAR-1762, No.4461 Page(s)3; Newcastle Courant 31-JUL-1762, No.4480 Page(s)3

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