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S Tyneside

Monkton village








Documentary Evidence

The first reference to Monkton (Munecatun) dates from 1074-80, when it and the other vills dependent on Jarrow were given by Bishop Walcher to Aldwin and his companions to assist them in the reconstruction of the church of Jarrow. It thus became the property of the prior and convent of Durham (of which Jarrow was a cell), and later the dean and chapter of Durham. In 1539, in addition to five tenants paying the same rent, the communar of Durham and John Hedworth held land in Monkton. In the 17th century at least one Newcastle merchant family had an interest here - in Bede Cottage/Monkton Farm - possibly explaining the rather grand houses which survive on the north side. It is a two-row village, with front gardens and a wide south verge, so perhaps once had a green. Because the surrounding area has been built up only fairly recently Monkton retains at least some evidence of being a rural farming village.




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