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Tyne and Wear HER(15220): Sunderland, Jacinth - Details

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Sunderland, Jacinth



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel


Early Modern



2 March 1897 wreck of Scottish collier which stranded on the South Beacon Rocks while attempting to enter Sunderland harbour in a gale, having left Montrose the previous day. Constructed of iron in 1878, she was a steam-driven vessel. Dimensions given as 139ft x 21ft x 10ft 9in (42.5m x 6.4m). Her owners from 1889 being Messrs Muir, Son, and Patton of Dundee, coal merchants. Previous to her purchase by Dundee owners, she belonged to Swansea, and was employed in the French fruit trade. Builder: Murdoch & Murray Built: Port Glasgow Propulsion: Compound engine Machinery: Muir & Houston, Glasgow Master: Joiner Crew: 11 'During the strong southerly gale on Tuesday night at eleven o'clock the steamer JACINTH came ashore on the South Beacon Rocks near the south outlet to Sunderland Docks. Before examination could be made as to the damage sustained the vessel began to settle down. Captain Joiner immediately began to burn torches from the masthead, and these brought the Volunteer Life Brigade upon the scene with rocket apparatus . . . Repeated attempts were made to obtain communication with the vessel, but without success. The sea was beginning to wash over the latter part of the vessel, and it was impossible to get at the fore part, where the crew were grouped. Loud cries were raised to man the lifeboat, and soon the lifeboat was put off, amid cheers, and gaining the side of the JACINTH, took off the captain and men. It was then just on midnight. The men have lost almost all their effects. The vessel was badly holed, and after the crew had been rescued she drifted waterlogged for a while, and then sank in shallow water. She is now a total wreck, having broken up, and almost disappeared. Captain Joiner, on being interviewed, said they left Montrose for the Wear on Monday morning, and encountered heavy seas and gales all the way. The vessel was driven on to the rocks by stress of weather. While attempting to make the port she became helpless immediately a hole had been made in her side, and water poured in, extinguishing the fires . . .The JACINTH was a Dundee-owned vessel, her owners being Messrs Muir, Son, and Patton, coal merchants. Along with Captain Joiner, who belonged to Aberdeen, there were 11 others of the crew {Dundee Courier and Argus}.




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