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Tyne and Wear HER(15229): Sunderland, Ann and Mary - Details

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Sunderland, Ann and Mary



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel

Post Medieval



1784 wreck of British craft which stranded south of Sunderland during a storm; a wooden sailing vessel. "Newcastle, Dec. 11, 1784...Sunday night about 9 o'clock a strong wind sprung up from the east, and about midnight the hurricane was most violent, attended with a very heavy fall of hail and show, which continued with unremitting fury till Tuesday noon, when it began to abate; but that night it blew again very hard, till Wednesday at noon, when the wind became moderate; but the snow continued at intervals till Thursday, when it fell very severe during the whole day, and continues yet at intervals… At sea it has been dreadful beyond description, all along the coast being strewed with wrecks, and vessels on ground, so that from every part we hear of nothing but distress; nor may we ever perhaps be able to get a perfect account of the loss of ships. The following is the best, which can be procured at present…. The under has been sent from intelligencies which may be depended upon...ANN AND MARY, Davidson, south of Sunderland, lost…" {Newcastle Courant}.




National Monuments Record MONUMENT NUMBER: 1388547; Newcastle Courant 11-DEC-1784, No.5644 Page 4

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