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Tyne and Wear HER(1531): Newcastle town wall, curtain north-west of Durham Tower - Details

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Newcastle town wall, curtain north-west of Durham Tower




Town Defences

Town Wall



Ruined Building

A 77 yard stretch of curtain connected Durham and Heber Towers, and much of it still stands to the height of the wall walk. On the interior the curtain rises from 7.5 courses by Durham Tower to 15 below the 7 corbels remaining of a turret on the south side of Stowell Street. There appear to be steps surviving on the wall walk, a few courses of the outer parapet, and the hint of an inner parapet (perhaps the result of restoration) on the north side of Durham Tower. On the exterior there is a double chamfered stepped base course, and apparent vertical joints on the outer wall of the turret. Perhaps the remains of the loop. The outside of this stretch became partly encumbered with buildings – but these were removed (perhaps in 1958) SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 1




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