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Ryton, Church of Holy Cross, font



Religious Ritual and Funerary




Dimensions of font: depth of bowl 1 foot 10.75 inches, depth of shaft 1 foot 8 inches, depth of base 7.5 inches, depth of step 6 inches, diameter of bowl 3 feet, diameter of shaft 1 foot, diameter of base 1 foot 7 inches, diameter of step 5 feet 3 inches. Peter Ryder, June 1993 - The Font has a large but plain circular bowl, carried on a clustered shaft. It is probably of 13th century date; references to a new font being installed in 1662 (Briggs & Dugdale 15) imply that it had been removed from the church, and must have been returned at some subsequent date.




Dr J.F. Hodgson, 1912, Font in Ryton Church, Transactions of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, Vol VI, p 217-218; Peter Ryder, June 1993, THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY CROSS, R Y T O N, An Archaeological Assessment; Briggs, D.A. & Dugdale, N.I.A Guide to Holy Cross Church, Ryton-on-Tyne (n.d., 1950s)

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