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S Tyneside

Jarrow, Church of St. Paul, font



Religious Ritual and Funerary





Hodgson described the font in 1912 as "one of the very poorest, rudest, and worst proportioned of all our ancient examples. Of exceptional height, it is only of sandstone, entirely devoid of mouldings, and save for its age and locality, as devoid of interest as of beauty. But, unlike so many modern Church Furnishers' examples of its class, it is at least unpretentious, and hence such dignity as can rightly be claimed for it. It is in excellent preservation, of the 15th century, and entirely void of any marks of fastenings". Dimensions of font: depth of bowl 1 foot 3 inches, depth of stem 1 foot 7 inches, depth of base 1 foot 1.25 inches, diameter of bowl 2 feet 5 inches, diameter of stem 1 foot 3 inches, diameter of base 2 feet 4 inches, total height 3 feet 11.25 inches. Peter Ryder 2004 - The Font stands in the nave, close to the south wall; it is a simple octagonal form, with a concave-sided bowl and shaft, of smooth grey sandstone, and generally of 15th century character.




Dr J.F. Hodgson, 1912, Font in Jarrow Church, Transactions of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, Vol VI, p 237; Peter Ryder 2004, Church of St. Paul, Jarrow, Archaeological Assessment

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