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Tyne and Wear HER(15335): North Shields, Collingwood Main Waggonway - Details

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N Tyneside

North Shields, Collingwood Main Waggonway

North Shields





Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

This waggonway ran from Collingwood (or Burdon) Main Pit to staiths at North Shields. Parts of the abandoned Chirton Colliery were opened up in 1811 to re-work the High Main Seam. At the same time, Collingwood Main Pit was sunk towards the south-west end of the colliery and a waggonway constructed from it to staiths at North Shields. These were in the same location as those of the earlier Chirton Waggonway. They are shown on Watson 21/21, branching and running to two spouts beyond a coal yard. The staiths are also shown on Wood’s 1827 plan of North Shields in a different arrangement. The rest of the line is shown on Watson 21/15. Later, a branch-line was run to Collingwood Main Waggonway from Hopewell Pit to the north.




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