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Tyne and Wear HER(1542): Newcastle town wall, curtain east of Andrew Tower - Details

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Newcastle town wall, curtain east of Andrew Tower




Town Defences

Town Wall



Ruined Building

Most of the easterly part of a stretch of curtain 100 yards long between Andrew Tower and New Gate survives on the north side of St. Andrew's Church. Built of rubble, not ashlar, it stands to wall walk height and retains part of a turret, with typical corbels and stumps of the outside stair. The outer face is now wholly masked by the buildings along the south side of Gallowgate, but was seen in c. 1896 by an antiquarian, Holmes who published a description. The gap between its west end and Andrew Tower was presumably made in 1818 when the churchyard was enlarged, and the east end probably broken off when New Gate was demolished. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 1




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