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Tyne and Wear HER(15471): Walker, Scrogg Road, Walker Park, West Gateway - Details

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Walker, Scrogg Road, Walker Park, West Gateway





Early Modern



Large rusticated dressed sandstone gate pillars with lower ashlar pilasters to the three faces, the same height and design as the flanking pillars at the ends of the quadrant walls between them. The roadside west faces of the pillars, pilasters and walling have reeded decorative friezes. The east faces have the same friezes but are blind. At ground level there is a single course of projecting plinth. The entrance probably had iron gates originally, matching the railings to each side. It is also likely that lanterns originally sat on the tops of the larger pillars. There is a modern circular bronze plaque attached to the west face of the pilaster on the north gate pillar which reads 'WALKER PARK' and has a worn coat of arms, probably of Newcastle Corporation. Carved into the plinth stone of the west face of the SW lower pillar is an Ordnance Survey benchmark (107,10) which fiirst appears on the 1941 OS map. The pathway into the park used to be much wider than it is now. It was a boulevard formed of two paths either side of a central line of trees.




Spence & Dower LLP, 2011, The Walker Park Memorials - Condition Surveys

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