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Tyne and Wear HER(15530): Throckley, Wardle (Waddle) Pit - Details

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Throckley, Wardle (Waddle) Pit




Coal Mining Site


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Shown on 18th century plans. A rental of 1669 for part of the Throckley estate of Sir Francis Radcliffe lists the tenants 'for every going pit' as George Lerwin Marihl, Cuthbert Birtley Miln, the heirs of William Chicken and Jeremy Colhurst. Dodds (1930) says small pits were begun at Throckley in the late 17th century.




A Plan of Throckley, 1769, NRO 536/2; Thompson, 1767, A plan of the Lordship of Newburn belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, NRO Sant/Beq/9/1/1/24, Plan of the Throckley Estate in the County of Northumberland - freehold lands… formerly belonged to John Rogers Esq. now to Edward Montague Esq., 1736, NRO Sant/Beq/9/1/1/35; Throckley Estate and the workings in the Engine Seam of coal situated in the parish of Newburn belonging to Greenwich Hospital, NRO Sant/Beq/9/1/1/37; Rental 1669, NRO ZCK 14/1 (Woodhorn); MH Dodds, 1930, A History of Northumberland XIII, p 34; Extracts from minute book of George Johnson (1774-1775) Throckley Collieries (owned by Steve Grudgings)

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